The mmW4Rail consortium is composed three well known academics partners: Université Gustave Eiffel (ex Ifsttar), IMT-Atlantique, UPHF and 1 industrial research center MERCE. The partners have complementary skills in the mmW domain, channel characterization and modelling, 5G NR, antennas, antenna integration, signal processing, wireless technologies in railways and collaborative projects. 


 Université Gustave Eiffel was created on 1rst January 2020, and merges a university (UPEM), and a research institute (IFSTTAR). In 2021, a school of architecture (EAVT) and three engineering schools (EIVP, ENSG and ESIEE Paris) will join. It brings together multidisciplinary skills in the domain of smart cities and mobility in order to conduct high-quality research for the good of society, provide training tailored to meet socio-economic needs and support public policies. The researchers involved in the mmW4Rail project are members of the COSYS department and the LEOST laboratory. The researchers are working on wireless communications, cognitive radio, antenna design, EM modelling, performance evaluation.


IMT Atlantique (IMTA) is a graduate engineering school "grande école". Our mission is to provide education programs for engineers and managers, and to conduct research in information and communication technology (ICT) and in the energy. We are is specialized in a variety of disciplines ranging from physical sciences (optics, electromagnetics and electronics), signal treatment and imaging, digital communication, network science, data, to cognitive sciences (including semantics and ontology).  The microwave department is a partner of the research laboratories LabSticc (CNRS).  It acquired a expertise in the design of RF devices and in the channel modelling. All these competences and facilities will be used in this project.


IEMN Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France (UPHF) is at the heart of Hauts-de-France, which is one of the most dynamic regions in the world for the automotive, rail and mobility industries. IEMN is one of the largest micro- and nano-technology research centers belonging to the CNRS. The COMNUM Group from OAE Department will be involved in the project. The activities are cognitive radio, spectrum sensing, modulation recognition, standard parameters identification and wireless sensors networks. Intelligent transportation systems and sustainable mobility are the main applications.


MERCE - Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe is a research laboratory thinking up new generations of communication systems and future technologies in the field of energy and the environment. In the French branch located in Rennes, the research center particularly focus on scalable communication technologies and reliable software methodologies in order to meet the demands of future ICT-based consumer services and professional applications in factory automation, automotive, railway, satellite and access networks. MERCE develops advanced physical layer technologies with the aim to provide high communication throughput and low latency with a strong robustness to the degradations occurring in a wireless propagation environment.